Meet Bill Day

I am a father, husband, small business owner and attorney in Rockville. My wife, Michele, and I are, like many Bethesda parents, seeking balance between raising active children and demanding careers. We have three wonderful children who attend local schools and are active in sports.

For a decade I have served as a MSI soccer coach and most recently on the local swim club board. I often listen to concerns of parents about their children and healthcare, the quality of our schools, traffic gridlock and the increasing incivility in politics. I share their frustration about rigid ideology that prevents problem solving in our government. Many voted for term limits to bring in some fresh faces and ideas into the county government.

Maryland has been my home since I graduated from the Naval Academy in 1995 and met my wife who is a fourth generation Marylander. Her grandfather opened the Rod N’ Reel restaurant in Chesapeake Beach, which continues to remain in the family today.

My mother was a teacher who was widowed young when my father, a decorated U.S. Marine pilot, was tragically killed in a training accident when I was seven years old. Despite that loss, I wanted to follow his lead and serve my country. I was fortunate to attend the U.S. Naval Academy, where I was trained to be a leader to work in common cause with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints to achieve a goal. That is what I believe we need in Maryland politics.

After the Naval Academy, I served five years of active duty at the Pentagon for the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations. And when my active duty commitment was up, I remained in the Naval Reserve for another six years. That is when I took a job with WTOP radio as an account executive helping small and large companies developing their marketing strategies, and attending Catholic University Columbus School of Law at night.

While studying for the bar, I interned with the Montgomery County Public Defender’s office and worked closely with public defenders to protect the constitutional rights of individuals in Montgomery County.

I have been a practicing attorney in Montgomery County since 2005, beginning at the law firm of Gill Sippel and Gallagher as a litigator representing and protecting the rights of individuals and businesses. In 2015 I started my own law firm, the William Day Law Group located in Rockville, where my practice is focused on helping local businesses navigate state and local laws and regulations, and protecting their economic interests and their intellectual property. My firm also handles estate planning and administration.

It would be an honor to represent the residents of D-16 to bring commonsense solutions to Annapolis.

Bill Day for State Delegate